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About PesoCodeX

Develop Your Path to Financial Freedom and Increase the power of the Philippine Peso

PesoCodeX is a business trend blog that will cover financial education, business book review, technology, entrepreneurship and personal finance to empower the Filipino to adapt to the constant changes in the business.

PesoCodeX is a double entendre for the two words invented by Francis. 

Pesocodex is a book that contains unlimited information to achieve financial freedom, and PesoCodeX is the project made for the purpose of increasing the value of Peso through Financial education.

PesoCodeX Goal

I made both the book PesoCodex and Project PesoCodeX for the end goal of strengthening the power of the Philippine Peso through Financial Education and preventing the Filipinos from leaving the country and their families, to pursue false idea of financial prosperity.

Why Strengthen the Philippine Peso?

I am not an economist, but I am pretty sure that if the value of Philippine Peso is higher than the US Dollar, Euro, and other currencies. There will no longer be a need to work in another country just to earn that inflated dollar (that is not even based on gold standard in other words we are being cheated by the US).

How do we strengthen the value of the Philippine Peso?

  1. We must build a world full of entrepreneurs. – An average person can only work 40 years in his lifetime, so being an employee cannot guarantee a secured future. By being an entrepreneur, we add value to people’s live. We can produce quality jobs, and solve people’s problem with innovative products and services. At the same time, we benefit from an infinite stream of wealth that is produced by our businesses.
  2. We must increase the ratio of investor vs. consumer. – It’s a great period to invest. You’re missing out on the opportunity if you are not investing.
  3. We must promote BPO industry in the Philippines. -There’s no need to work abroad. Thanks to the technology brought to us by the world. Now, we can sell or outsource our services to the world without leaving the country.
  4. We must not be too reliant on the government. – The government has already failed us for too many years. It’s time we stand up on our own feet.
  5. We must promote financial education in the Philippines. – In school, no one ever taught me how to invest in the stock market. It’s like being deprived of the secret of the rich. Someday, I want to tell my children to study hard in school, so you can run your own business, instead of saying study hard in school, so you can find a high paying job abroad.
  1. We will bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. – The reason why the poor is getting poorer, while the rich is getting richer is because of their mentality. Poor people thinks that being rich is evil that’s why poor people cannot attract wealth. The first step to financial education is changing your own thinking process about money. Money is not evil. Everyone has the right to possess wealth.

Building a better economy will increase the value of the Philippine Peso.

Francis believed that working abroad is not the solution to overcoming our own financial crisis. The solution is the way we manage our own wealth no matter how small it is we can find a way to profit from it. We just need to work together as Filipinos.

About Francis Nocete

The moderator of PesoCodeX is Francis Noel Nocete

Francis Noel Nocete is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management. He loves the innovative concept of entrepreneurship in the Tourism Industry. The Philippines with its vast natural beauty and resources can become a number 1 tourist destination in Asia and generate revenue to develop its country, create more businesses and quality jobs, and attract foreign investor in the Philippines.

About PesoCodeX
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About PesoCodeX
PesoCodeX is a project to increase the value of Peso to help Filipino achieve financial prosperity in the Philippines without the need to work abroad.
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