Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook- Honest Book Review

Before you read the book.

If you are looking for a book that can encourage you to invest in the stock market or invest your money in general. This is the right book for you but these are for people who already knows how to save and budget their money. If you are still a personal finance novice. Please I recommend you to start reading the book “The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey” first.

About the Author

The great author of this book is Anthony Robbins. Known by many as Tony Robbins. He’s a legendary figure that has change a lot of people including famous celebrities and athletes. He started his life as a custodian with no advantages in life was lost and live like a failure but stood up and develop a belief system that he is great and anyone can be great. If they believe they can become great. Today, he is one of greatest motivational coach out there and an author who has written number of bestselling books ranging from “Awaken the Giant Within” , “Money Master the Game” and Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook Creating a Peace of Mind in a World of Volatility together with the ranked one financial advisor by Barron’s 3 years in a row Peter Mallouk.

Book review

Ever experience the fear of death and despair during a calamity. You are never prepared for the worst your fear can paralyze you, confuse you, and make you panic on emergency situations even though you are aware that you should stay calm and think of a way to save yourself.

Or a roller coaster ride where you should feel the thrill and excitement of a world that is full of uncertainty/volatility. Where anything that goes down will eventually go up so buckle up your seatbelt, hang tight, and do not let go until you reach the top.

The same applies to the stock market where the calamity is called the “Bear Market” the period where the stock market has collapsed temporarily and people out of fear will sell their investment at a loss because of fear instead of hanging tight and letting the storm fades away and let the sun come again letting the wealth come back for you and sell at the right moment.

What does it truly means to become Unshakeable?
It’s not just a matter of money it’s a state of mind.
If you are truly unshakeable you have an unwavering confidence amidst the storm.
-Tony Robbins

You will learn how to maximize upside and minimize downside.
Tony Robbins highly recommends in investing in Index fund like the S & P 500. To anyone new to this term, The index fund is a basket of funds where the funds is invested in chosen 30+ stock corporation of a country’s stock market. All chosen stock corporations are the drivers of the economy of a country or state. Diversification has already been done and no need to pick the right stock that can make you gain or lose money. Since it is already handpicked the fees are much lower compared to actively managed fund. It can be in a form of mutual fund or trust fund.

And he will explain why the index fund is a superior investment among other investment. Other than the fact that an index fund is the best investment against a volatile market where it can withstand the markets ups-and-downs and has the least fees compared to other investment due to its passive management.

Index fund really is the perfect investment that fits the title of being “Unshakeable”. Being unshakeable doesn’t only apply to the investment itself.

While the book takes examples from the US markets regularly, focuses on outlining principles that are applicable to investing in general. No matter which market you are investing in, understanding and following the ideas presented in this book will is bound to make you a better investor.

Rating and thoughts about the book

Unshakeable is a good read. I’d rate it 3 out of 5 because the book was very motivational but not informative. Most of the information can be found in other financial books but some of the contents are still original especially the principle in choosing the right financial advisor. One more thing, not many appreciates books that are too wordy. It be can conceived by some people as just fluffs and fillers while the others would see it as a creative way of expressing thoughts. Personally, I like it because personal finance can be very boring if I want a change of pace in my reading the good old vocabulary is a good food for the thought.

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  • November 5, 2018 at 2:45 am

    Tony Robbins is the motivational coach in the planet.

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